Diigo – Five Stars and Counting

This week I tried out a new online tool called Diigo. It has truly changed the way I work and collect data on the internet. Here are a few things Diigo can do:

  • Annotate web pages and PDFs as you browse online
  • Organize to create a structured research base
  • Tag with relevant terms
  • Add sticky notes
  • Highlight text directly on any web page
  • Share your research

I have more bookmarks than any one person should ever have. I was going through my bookmarks the other day and discovered that I had three duplicate folders for one topic. No wonder I have trouble finding things. Now, I tag web pages with Diigo instead of bookmarking them. They are so much easier to find.Another way I use Diigo is to highlight only the important information on a page for reference later. For example, when reading through the instructions for assignments, I highlight the instructions and add a sticky note with any initial thoughts or ideas. Then, I tag the page with the due date and class name. When I come back to begin working on the assignment, I don’t have to read the entire page – just the parts that are highlighted.I plan to start using Diigo to create reading lists for my classes and to collect new online tools. Diigo is my new favorite. I give it five stars!


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