Three Ways to Happiness


My first Daily Create for ds106 is a collage of things that make me happy. I was ecstatic to discover that you can now add Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to your Netflix list and it will show up when it becomes available. I can hardly wait! I feel a Gilmore Girls marathon coming on!

I recently had the pleasure of playing with the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil at my local Apple Store. Since it is pressure sensitive, I am able to create hairlines and thick lines in one stroke. It is what makes Spencerian and Copperplate scripts so beautiful. Until now, it was only possible with a flexible nib. Now it can be done digitally. What a wonderful world we live in.

I just got Google Fiber and the most beautiful picture popped up when I had my show paused for too long. For days, I had been trying to figure out where this beautiful place was in the photo. My sister came over, walked by the television and said, “Oh, that’s in San Francisco!” I have to confess. I didn’t believe her. We looked it up on “The Googles” and what do you know? She was right. It’s the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. I’m now planning my first trip to San Francisco!

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