Epic Proposal – Story Critique #1

For this critique, I used Jason Ohler’s assessment traits. I focused three traits:

  • Story
  • Project planning
  • Originality, voice, creativity

I evaluated the story and the writing of the story. How well did the story work? Is it is complete and understandable? I looked at the level of project planning. Is there evidence of solid planning – story maps, scripts, storyboards? Finally, I focused on the originality and creativity. I looked for a fresh perspective.

Story – This is a delightful story of a marriage proposal. It is well written, has good structure, and the storyline keeps the viewer engaged throughout. The part of the story where the man falls into the river seemed to go by rather quickly compared to the pace of the rest of the story. Spending a little more time on and slowing down this one scene is the only recommendation I have for improvement.

Project planning – There is much evidence of project planning in this video. It is well thought-out and flows seamlessly from one scene to the next. I have no recommendations for improvement in this area.

Originality, voice, creativity – This video is creative. I like the animation used to tell this story. I like the perspective of the woman in the woods not knowing where he is or if he is coming back. You can feel her concern for both him and for herself. Then, the perspective changed to that of the man and his experiences that same day. It is very different from her experience. I wouldn’t change a thing.





  One thought on “Epic Proposal – Story Critique #1

  1. June 12, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    I tend to use words as a medium to be creative, but I really liked this piece. I have a lot to learn before I could create this, but it was a good example. I found myself laughing because that is how many of my good intentions and surprises go…planned, interrupted, and then arrived in an unexpected place.


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