ENFP and INTJ Bedtime – Story Critique – Week 2

This video is about the differences between the bedtime routines of an ENFP and an INTJ. For this post, I focus on project planning, content understanding, and writing.

Project Planning – There is evidence of project planning in this video. They had to research the two Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) and plan which bedtime activities to show and determine what that would look like for each personality type. They did a good job of switching from one person to the other to show the differences in behavior.

Content Understanding – The creators of this project demonstrate an understanding of the content, in this case, understanding of the behavior of an ENFP and INTJ personality types.

Writing – I think the creators did a good job of writing the script for this video. The topic allowed them to develop their characters quickly. The writing is simple, but it conveys their ideas clearly.

I suggest that the actors practice a bit more before recording, so they are more comfortable delivering their lines. The tone of voice, inflection, and cadence add meaning to the story. I recommend adding a link to the MBTI personality descriptions to help the audience member who is unfamiliar with the traits of each personality type.


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