Judging vs. Perceiving – Story Review – Week 3

This video is a story of the difference between how a Judging personality type and a Perceiving personality type go about the process of creating a report. For this story critique, I focused on content understanding, sense of audience, and media application.

Content understanding – The creator has a good understanding of the two personality types compared in this video, Judging and Perceiving. This is demonstrated by the stark contrast of the behavior of the Judging type vs. the Perceiving type.

Sense of audience – I think the creator has a good sense of audience. I like that they used a scene from an office that could just as well be applied to a student’s situation.

Media application – The use of animation with speech bubbles was appropriate and supported the story. It was like watching a comic book come to life. I think it added interest and a little whimsy.

My only recommendation is to pay more attention to the timing of the speech bubbles. For the most part, the timing worked well, but there were a few times when the speech bubbles seemed to be lagging. This would help maintain the pace of the narrative.


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