Reflection – Week 6

The assignment I enjoyed the most is the Reading Review. I read an article about using the Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in teams. I was able to incorporate one of my favorite stories as an example – the building of a magic kingdom by Walt and Roy Disney. Neither one of them could have built Disney World by themselves. Walt was the visionary, the dreamer, the inspirer, and Roy was practical, analytical, and responsible. After years of failure, Walt recognized his weaknesses and also recognized that where he was weak, his brother, Roy, excelled. Walt shared his vision with Roy and said, “I can’t do this without you.” They created the happiest place on earth. If it weren’t for Roy, Disney World would just be an old illustrator’s dream sketched out on scraps of paper.

I had the most trouble with my second Daily Create, “This is not a Macbook Air.” I couldn’t find the right filter to match the look and feel of the original image. For such a simple image, it took much longer to complete than I had anticipated.

If I had to do something differently, I would have chosen a different Assignment Bank assignment. I liked the idea of doing a word cloud, but I am not pleased with the result. I think making it in the shape of a star forced some of the words to be too small. The importance is on the words, not on the shape.

I don’t have any questions.

“What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work, particularly as they relate to exploring your focal theme?” Each week, this seems to be the question that stumps me. I don’t see any larger issues. Maybe I don’t understand the question. I’ll let you know if I find any issues.

I did some good work this week. I just think I could have made better assignment choices. I put a lot of thought into my assignments this week. I believe I met the expectations of the class.

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