MBTI Teams – Story Critique – Week 7

MBTI Cartoon

My chosen story theme this term is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and this Dilbert comic strip adds a bit of humor to the practice of using the MBTI to create teams. It is also a caution to those who use the MBTI to build teams.

What types of “involvement” – and by the author/creator(s), participant(s), and/or audience – are apparent in this story?

There is no involvement other than by the creator. This comic strip was a single image on a blank web page. There was no text or other media.

How would you characterize the “literacy dimensions” present in this story?

There is no remixing in this piece.

What are the online spaces and sites that bring this story to life? Why do these spaces and sites matter to the impact of the given story?

As mentioned earlier, this comic strip was a single image on the page with no other text or media. This piece doesn’t require a space for people to understand the meaning behind it, but it would be helpful to add depth and richness by way of conversation.

Based upon your assessment of involvement and literacy dimensions, what modifications and changes to this digital story might improve aspects of narrative, production, media usage, and/or audience engagement?

I would post this on a blog or website that allowed for comments. I think it would be fun to allow others to post responses in the form of their own comic strip, or expand on the story by writing a sequel to the original comic strip. I would post a link on social media to gain a bigger viewing audience. This also gives people the opportunity to comment and share. I would add links to the MBTI website as well as to articles related to using the MBTI to build better teams.

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