Learn to Kern


In typography, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font to make it more visually pleasing. Instead of giving equal space between the characters, the designer kerns to optimize optical space. Joshua Johnson wrote a great article for Design Shack titled 8 Simple and Useful Tips for Kerning Type. Continue reading

Step Inside the Time Machine – The History of Technology & Distance Learning

I found this infographic particularly interesting because it makes reference to a governess in 1445. Most people in America have the misconception that “governess” is the British word for “nanny.” According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

nanny: a woman who is paid to care for a young child usually in the child’s home

governess: a woman who is paid to care for and teach a child in the child’s house

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Social Media in Education – 2000s


In the year 2000, 70 million computers were connected to the Internet. Each of those computers had a person operating it. Why not connect with each other? In 2003, MySpace was created, Linden Lab opened the virtual world Second Life on the Internet, and LinkedIn was created. Continue reading

Educational Technology – 2000s

Ed Tech & Distance Learning Blogs

1980s – Chris Rabideau’s post about eLearning in the ’80s.

1990s – Megan Prendergast’s post about eLearning in the ’90s.

The 2000s is when educational technology started to get smart and it became portable. We were introduced to multiple ways to connect with each other and instructors had more options for using technology to supplement instruction. I’ve listed a few things that were introduced in the 2000s. Continue reading